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Cork Floors Ontario - Homeowners Opt for the Beauty, Comfort and Durability of Cork
Ontario homeowners are embracing the quality, durability, and comfort of cork flooring. A recent survey shows a trend toward using cork, and it's easy to understand why: cork floors have many advantages over hardwood, linoleum, carpet, and tile.
Homeowners and decorators often choose cork flooring because it's beautiful. Cork lends a natural look to any living space, blending harmoniously with many different styles and materials. Cork's rich palette and varied textures add style to any room – kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom.
Cork flooring comes in many design patterns, colours and shades. You'll be sure to discover hues that are just right for your home. Lighter tones help to give smaller spaces an airy, roomy feel, while darker shades provide a feeling of warmth and restfulness. The range of colours may surprise you: everything from light beige to terracotta red to charcoal is available in natural cork.
Cork also boasts a variety of naturally occurring patterns. A boldly patterned floor can become the centrepiece of an elegant living room, while less pronounced designs add subtle decorating highlights.
Eco-Friendly and Safe
Flooring is made from the bark of the Quercus Suber, or cork oak tree. Bark can be harvested from the tree once every nine to ten years without causing harm to the tree, making cork a sustainable material. Most cork comes from the Mediterranean region – mainly from regulated forests in Spain and Portugal.
Because it's a natural material, cork has built-in advantages. It as non allergenic, does not mold, mildew or promote the growth of fungus.  
Cork is well known to provide cushioned support ( it is 50% air ), making it a great choice for rooms where you'll be standing frequently, such as the kitchen. Tiny pockets of air filled cells throughout the material let cork floors function like shock absorbers for your knees. Cork is a natural thermal insulator, keeping warmth in during long Ontario winters, and saving on your heat and cooling bills. The material also provides sound insulation, improving the acoustics within your home.
Versatile, Durable, and Easy
Another reason for choosing cork flooring is its versatility. Cork can be laid on top of both concrete and wooden subfloors. It's available in tiles or planks and can be installed with a simple click-lock system. This makes the material attractive to the do-it-yourselfer.
The resulting floors are hardy and incredibly tough. Many homeowners rate durability as the number one reason for choosing cork. Maintenance requires only a dust mop, with an occasional damp mopping. (Although cork floors don't require waxing, most will eventually require refinishing. And spills should be wiped up quickly.)
A final reason for choosing cork flooring is value. While cork is neither the most expensive nor the least expensive choice, it is a premium flooring that will increase the value of your home. And of course, the beautiful look of a natural cork floor is priceless.
Attractive, natural, durable, comfortable, and affordable – no wonder Ontario homeowners prefer cork flooring!
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Dark Walhut   Majestic I
130 Pirouette Shades
Linoleum with Custom Design 2
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Natural Cherry over Cork, Courtesy of Green Neighbourhood Homes
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538   Imperial Cream with Corsica  Natural Inset
505   Majestic II  Varied Plank , Natures Way with Custom Inset
529 Imperial, Square Tile, Cream and Raven
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Imperial Cork    3 colour pattern  Courtesy of Green Neighbourhood Homes
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240 Luminettes
524   Mosaic,Imperial Negril with Cream Diamond  Closeup
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527   Majestic II  Varied Plank , Natures Way
503  Majestic I, Square Tile, Saddle and Ivory
513   Easy Snap  Rio Grande, Provincial
Providing the highest quality in cork floors in Toronto since 1980. Cork is great for home and yoga studio flooring. Visit us to see the various cork patterns and designs...
Cork floors are Ontario favourites. This flooring is beautiful, durable, and affordable, Cork is an eco-friendly material with a natural look that can be used in any room, and on both concrete and wood subfloors.
In Canada, cork flooring is becoming a popular choice for homeowners and yoga studios. Cork is beautiful, healthy, environmentally friendly, and has many other advantages.
Toronto DIY enthusiasts are learning how easy it is to install cork tiles - for home, yoga studio or office, this popular, natural flooring...
In Ontario, cork floors are gaining in popularity as homeowners discover the many environmental, health, and other benefits of this versatile natural flooring material.
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